Haunted Places in Spain: Spooky Thrills!

In a country as ancient and full of historical traditions as Spain, it's inevitable that legends and spooky tales abound! Haunted castles, town-houses, streets and even railway lines are all the stuff of midnight chills and thrills.

Just outside Madrid is the tiny village of Belmez de la Moraleda. Since the 1970s, one of the homes here has been the scene of intense interest to paranormal researches. Weird images of faces began to appear on the stone floors of the house and no amount of cleaning and even digging up of the floor could erase them. Images of faces, bodies and even faint writing began to appear and later it was discovered that the house was built on an abandoned graveyard. Today the house attracts thousands of tourists and the Pereira family that lived here has been the subjects of huge amounts of research and investigation.

The Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid, which was once a hospital, is reputed to be haunted by inexplicable apparitions at night. The museum, which has Picasso's most famous painting, the Guernica, is thought to be haunted by the spirits of those who lay wounded or died in the hospital. Employees and night-time visitors have reported voices, sounds and shrieks emanating from lonely corridors in the museum.

Palacio de Linares in Madrid, which is a Latin American cultural center, is thought to be haunted by a pair of tragic lovers. Employees and visitors report seeing restless spirits moving through the halls and hearing strange sounds and noises at night.

Cortijo Jurado: This ruined 19th century aristocratic home in Malaga, with its 365 windows (one for every day of the year) is the best known “haunted house” in Spain. The spirits that haunt it are those of several young women who were kidnapped and forced to participate in Satanic rituals by the family before they were killed and buried in the compound. Strange voices, shrieks, weeping and spirits roaming round the mansion have been reported.

Parador Granada, Alhambra: Located in the vast Alhambra palace complex in Andalusia, this hotel, built on the site of an old chapel, is thought to be haunted by the spirits of a pair of tragic lovers.

Parador de Cardona: This gorgeous hotel located in an ancient fortress in Barcelona, is reputed to be haunted by the ghost of a young woman who was imprisoned by her family till her death, for falling in love with one of the Moorish chieftains during the second century AD.

Zaragoza Duende: This famous case involves the Palazon family of Zaragoza, in the 1930s. They reported hearing weird laughter and voices from their home. Soon the place gained a reputation for harboring a poltergeist and several investigations were carried out. The old building was later demolished but memories of this strange phenomenon still remain.


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